Wednesday, August 3, 2011


a few weeks ago, i attended the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. i waited about an hour and a half just to enter the exhibit, but it was definitely time well-spent. the displays were all hauntingly beautiful. McQueen was truly an artist whose subject was dressing the female body. in fact, one of my favorite designs at the exhibit was this dress: 
No. 13
if you watch the video, his model comes out in a clean white dress, only to be spun around and around and spray painted by robots. his own designs were canvases themselves, waiting to be released to the world.


returning from vacation always leaves you with withdrawal symptoms. why is it that so many aspects of life seem to leave you with drug-like after effects? vacations, love, school even? just proves that you don't even need drugs to feel these kinds of things...

anyway, some of you asked for pictures of maui, which i will gladly share :) it was beautiful, but now it's time to head back to reality. sad.