Wednesday, October 26, 2011



so, it's not the new year yet, but who says you can't start a little early? end of the year resolutions are good to try, since most of the time i fail to keep up with my new year's resolutions anyway. if you have the motivation, why not start now? 

on the list of things to improve upon:
1. less facebook, more blogging  
2. get a new haircut - i've had the same hair for far too long now, and change is good
3. spend time doing things i actually love - ie: writing and yoga {i didn't buy a yoga mat for nothing!}
4. read more books - i spend too much time caught up in my own thoughts, it would be nice to have some healthy distractions 
5. spend less money on materialistic things, more money on things that matter {which will be hard while going to a fashion school and being surrounded by essentially, walking and talking mannequins, aka students, from the likes of burberry, marc jacobs, michael kors, etc. not to mention a pair of heeled ankle booties i've been on the lookout for, below}

Rebecca Minkoff - Doll Suede Booties -  $340
what are your resolutions?
photo credit: "Happy New Year" - Kim Grabovsky
shoes found at: Shopbop

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