Saturday, July 23, 2011


summer! off to maui for the week! until then... i leave you with this, to make it easier for you to imagine me relaxing on the beach :D maybe i'll drop by and add some pictures during the week if internet access allows it. 

maui weather for 7/23 to 7/31: sunny and beautiful in the mid to high 80s - a nice departure from the heat wave on the east coast! alohaa <3

Monday, July 18, 2011


for those lazy summer days when my toes aren't looking their best, these shoes are a great solution to hide their ugliness while still wearing heat friendly shoes. the ASOS MEX leather flats are also reminiscent of a pair of sandals i had as a child, which i truly miss. these are some classic pieces that won't go out of style and go with nearly any outfit {aside from the blue}. 
clockwise from top-left: BC Footwear Shipwreck - $60, Sigerson Morrison Birdcage Wedges - $385, ASOS MEX leather flats - $35,                  Sam Edelman Ireton Pointed Toe Flats - $112 


inspired by this new york times article, i began to think about the power that your wardrobe holds. michelle obama, just as the darling jackie o did, uses her style not only to express her own personality, but also to make a statement to the american public. in michelle obama's case, the hope she has for the future is evident in the bright colors and in her decision to wear non-american designed pieces. a great quote from the article states:

"Michelle Obama’s impact on fashion extends far beyond the 'made in America' label stitched into her dress. The optimism, glamour and accessibility that she communicates through her style of dressing transcends cultural borders and economic boundaries. Yes, she is sometimes an ambassador for American designers, but more important, she is an ambassador for the self-possession that defines American style."

the first lady wearing non-american designed gown by Alexander McQueen with Chinese president Hu Jin Tao
she proves, along with many other influential women in this world, that fashion and style should be taken lightly in the sense that they should be fun and show who you are to the world. yet, at the same time they are serious staples in society that can greatly influence the perspectives of others. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


i can't help but adore the current Marc by Marc Jacobs lookbook on shopbop this month. it's completely classic yet modern with a little bit of a retro feel to it at the same time. i've always had a weak-spot for marc by marc jacobs handbags, but now, i think the spot might have grown into more of a large, gaping, hole for all of its pieces... and i can't get over those ankle tie wedge sandals in the second picture...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


right before i left my college town, my boyfriend and i went to a local tea house, rightfully named TeaHaus, with the help of a coupon from livingsocial. the place was very cute and had the decor of a place i'd like to own someday. the food was also very good, so if you're ever in ann arbor, MI, make sure to stop by. we ordered an "English Sampler" that came with a few different english inspired sandwiches and Chinese "Dragon Well" green tea, which was good but wasn't brewed as strongly as i'm used to. still, it was a really great experience. a nice little gem that also had really friendly owners who know what they're doing - an extra plus. 
i love the teapot napkin and place holder (below). lovely little details.

english sampler - the sandwich on the left was my favorite. i think it's called the "coronation sandwich" or something like that...
dessert - swedish pancake (on left, which is very much like a crepe) with a scone and various spreads


spaghetti, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions <3
baked onion rings!
how to? after the jump!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


this month's Paris Haute Couture autumn/winter 2011 collections have a lot to show for themselves, which, i suppose is expected from something that is haute couture. but, just as the resort 2012 collections both soared and failed, haute couture isn't much different. take a look below: 

the good
Elie Saab
this dress, and the ones behind it, are absolutely stunning. i would wear them in a heartbeat. Elie Saab makes no mistakes when it comes to haute couture. my heart nearly yearns for these gowns!

the bad
Christian Dior
even the model doesn't look very happy. with haute couture, i think art, sophistication, and luxury - this dress however, makes me think of a 5-year old's costume gone wrong. the gown is completely unflattering to her body and she has what looks like fans growing out of the skirt. and that... hat? hairpiece? don't even get me started...

the ugly
Christian Dior
this is what i don't understand about fashion. the model looks like a train wreck with that hair and make-up. there is absolutely nothing attractive, to me, about this look. not only that, but i thought that a collection is supposed to be cohesive, telling one story... but Dior's collection is all over the place with random shapes, sizes, and colors. their pieces seem to come from completely different time periods. see for yourself here!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


my last post really got me wanting a new bag, but as i'm a struggling, no-income student, i started looking for some cute alternatives to the cross body Coach and Marc Jacobs purses. albeit, the quality of these purses will never be that of a true designer handbag, it's not like people will be  running up to you and touching the material of your bag... and therefore, they will never ever know! :) how do you think i get by with my faux-LV's and Marc Jacobs... ahem... i mean, my faux-leather purses! anywho... luckily, i came across a few affordable choices at Forever 21,, and Nordstrom! {see below} i really love the chained purses, which give them an extra little kick aesthetically. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


i'm always drawn to cross-body bags. i have tried to stay away from them, but for some reason, i just can't. the majority of my purses are cross-body, and i think it's just due to their extreme conveniency {and no, that's not a word}. they're almost never too bulky, i rarely get tired of carrying one, and you always have two free hands. the following are a few that i'm obsessing over right now... i just wish i could afford one :(
Coach chelsea leather flap - $298

Coach kristin leather crossbody - $158

Marc Jacobs classic Q percy bag - $198


yesterday, a New York Times article asked this very question. it discussed the recent exhibitions of renowned designers such as Alexander McQueen and Chanel at art museums around the world, questioning the value of their work. are their designs really worthy of such exhibitions? and to be placed next to centuries-old artifacts and pieces? 

perhaps the value of these designs may not match up to works such as the Mona Lisa, but they are still to be admired and carefully looked upon from afar. for me, fashion is just another form of art. some artists sculpt, others paint, some write; fashion designers make beautiful pieces of clothing. furthermore, fashion is not just an art, but a significant portion of our own economy. i say, why not combine art and functionality, and make a profit out of it too? 

Madame Grès exhibition at the Musée Bourdelle in Paris