Wednesday, July 6, 2011


my last post really got me wanting a new bag, but as i'm a struggling, no-income student, i started looking for some cute alternatives to the cross body Coach and Marc Jacobs purses. albeit, the quality of these purses will never be that of a true designer handbag, it's not like people will be  running up to you and touching the material of your bag... and therefore, they will never ever know! :) how do you think i get by with my faux-LV's and Marc Jacobs... ahem... i mean, my faux-leather purses! anywho... luckily, i came across a few affordable choices at Forever 21,, and Nordstrom! {see below} i really love the chained purses, which give them an extra little kick aesthetically. 


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh girl I LOVE affordable alternatives :) The Queens Mini bag is def my fav! I want it! Adorable and it would go with so many things

Bibi - Simple Summit said...

those are some pretty alternatives :) Thrifstores might be a great way to get the real thing for cheaper, too. [if you don't mind used bags, that is] :)
thanks for giving the alternatives!

Carina the Blogarina said...

The one from warehouse is my favorite :)

Anonymous said...

i really like the alexis hudson navy crossbody bag. so glad you posted this.

xo, lizzie

lil miss Sauniya' said...

I really love the last one at the bottom :) I found you on 20something blogger and i love your blog :)

Mia's Little Corner said...

Wow, these bags look great!! Love them!!:D

Stop by some time:D