Monday, July 18, 2011


inspired by this new york times article, i began to think about the power that your wardrobe holds. michelle obama, just as the darling jackie o did, uses her style not only to express her own personality, but also to make a statement to the american public. in michelle obama's case, the hope she has for the future is evident in the bright colors and in her decision to wear non-american designed pieces. a great quote from the article states:

"Michelle Obama’s impact on fashion extends far beyond the 'made in America' label stitched into her dress. The optimism, glamour and accessibility that she communicates through her style of dressing transcends cultural borders and economic boundaries. Yes, she is sometimes an ambassador for American designers, but more important, she is an ambassador for the self-possession that defines American style."

the first lady wearing non-american designed gown by Alexander McQueen with Chinese president Hu Jin Tao
she proves, along with many other influential women in this world, that fashion and style should be taken lightly in the sense that they should be fun and show who you are to the world. yet, at the same time they are serious staples in society that can greatly influence the perspectives of others. 

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