Tuesday, July 5, 2011


i'm always drawn to cross-body bags. i have tried to stay away from them, but for some reason, i just can't. the majority of my purses are cross-body, and i think it's just due to their extreme conveniency {and no, that's not a word}. they're almost never too bulky, i rarely get tired of carrying one, and you always have two free hands. the following are a few that i'm obsessing over right now... i just wish i could afford one :(
Coach chelsea leather flap - $298

Coach kristin leather crossbody - $158

Marc Jacobs classic Q percy bag - $198


Pedro Garfo said...

Love it :)

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Pedro Garfo
Mens fashion Blog

Zabrinah said...

I used to love cross-body bags until I looked around and saw that most women had over the shoulder purses--or even clutches! So I gave up the the cross-body bags due to silent peer pressure. Haha, I thought it would make me look more like a young woman to have a purse hanging from my shoulder.

But nowadays (now that I'm sane), I'm coming back to considering the cross-body bags again. Especially, after seeing that Marc Jacobs bag!

Great post!

Best wishes


Bibi - Simple Summit said...

White one, definitely like the white one. ♥
Though, I haven't owned one in a while, I might look around for one. Thanks!

PS: thanks for your kind comment on my shadow picture. We would love for you to join in - these small snapshots are meant for photographers like us, who are just starting out :)

Drea said...

I'm a fan of the cross-body bag as well. It's probably because I'm paranoid, but if the strap isn't long enough for me I can't do it. I swear they're always slippin' off my shoulder if it's not all the way across my body!

Michelle Lee said...

lovely bags
love the first and third especially
look so comfy yet cute!