Thursday, July 7, 2011


this month's Paris Haute Couture autumn/winter 2011 collections have a lot to show for themselves, which, i suppose is expected from something that is haute couture. but, just as the resort 2012 collections both soared and failed, haute couture isn't much different. take a look below: 

the good
Elie Saab
this dress, and the ones behind it, are absolutely stunning. i would wear them in a heartbeat. Elie Saab makes no mistakes when it comes to haute couture. my heart nearly yearns for these gowns!

the bad
Christian Dior
even the model doesn't look very happy. with haute couture, i think art, sophistication, and luxury - this dress however, makes me think of a 5-year old's costume gone wrong. the gown is completely unflattering to her body and she has what looks like fans growing out of the skirt. and that... hat? hairpiece? don't even get me started...

the ugly
Christian Dior
this is what i don't understand about fashion. the model looks like a train wreck with that hair and make-up. there is absolutely nothing attractive, to me, about this look. not only that, but i thought that a collection is supposed to be cohesive, telling one story... but Dior's collection is all over the place with random shapes, sizes, and colors. their pieces seem to come from completely different time periods. see for yourself here!


Liz said...

wow - I like the photos. Very inspiring. I follow you, follow me back if you like what you see <3

Michelle Lee said...

first one definitely good :)

about galaxy s for me it's great
bought it becaue it was available in pink in korea haha
i like the photo resolution (quite okay considering the fact that it's a 'phone' not a 'camera')
i didnt buy iphone because i have ipod touch and ipad and all... so for me samsung is pretty reliable

Fashion By He said...

great pics

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

s + b said...

yeah, i agree. sometimes models look super freaky. i LOVE the 'good' picture but the other two are weird.

cute blog, glad i came across it :)

vintage process said...

Great pictures!

sugarmouse said...

agree with you on dior's collection. rather ghastly. quite disappointing.

BobbieAustin27 said...

I liked Christian Dior's collection
however I didn't agree with all the style choices, for the most part I thought it was beautiful
Elie Saab also did a wonderful job
I love Haute Couture :)

lil miss Sauniya' said...

OMG I love 'the good'.. the ugly is not so bad i really like the shoes :)

D.Chen said...

i am OBSESSED with elie saab, and that dress is PERFECT. love love love