Sunday, June 12, 2011


as the daughter of an architect, i think it's in my blood to minimize the amount of empty wall space in my room and to constantly think about how i can make my room more functional, while at the same time aesthetically pleasing. so in the beginning of the year, i created this collage-like poster-thing to cover up a very bare spot in my room out of an anthropologie catalogue. i'll be moving out of this apartment in less than a month, so i guess this is also my way of documenting the sweat, blood, and tears i poured endless minutes into to make my room liveable. i'll miss it. i'll miss my college years at this university.

black and white clock - Target, leaf art - China
but anywho, this is an essentially free and environmentally-friendly way {recycling!} to give some character to a plain white wall. it just takes the right catalogues and/or magazines, the right arrangement, some tape, and a pair of scissors. snip away! 


Lucy Wang said...

Nice! That leaf art was from Xi'an right?

amelia said...

thanks! and i think it was actually from when we went on that day trip to the gorges. i remember getting ripped off for it :(