Monday, June 13, 2011


in the beginning of the year, i had to find a way to hang my mirror up. sounds like an extremely simple task {it kind of is}, but it could have been a lot simpler. luckily, there was already a hole in the wall from a previous so strategically hammered nail, allowing me to not have to create my own hole and thus, pay a $25 fine to my leasing company for making one. however, my mirror only came with two hooks on the back on either side, instead of one in the middle. so, i resorted to using wire to hang the mirror {which isn't so, so innovative, i know}, like so:

but, i hated how the wire stood out, which i couldn't prevent as i needed my mirror to be at a certain height, and i didn't want to create another hole in my wall. thus, while also needing a place to put my fedora, i found a perfect spot for it above my mirror. when it's not in use, my fedora is being wonderfully displayed as a piece of art in my room, just as my floral scarf is also draped on a hook. by doing so, i am creating multiple uses for pieces of my closet - a great way to display them even when i'm not wearing them.

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