Sunday, June 12, 2011


something those powerful fashion authorities have probably heard millions of times is: 
"i've always wanted to work in fashion." 

but what happens when it's true? how do you distinguish yourself from the thousands of other peons dying for the same exact spot you are competing for? how do you know that you're better or more qualified than the next person? 

recently, i stumbled across an article titled, "10 Tips for a Career in Fashion." with only one relatively unhelpful tip at the end, it is to the point and without any superfluous fluff. carla isabel recognizes and encourages the fact that, even when working in fashion, fashion should not be the sole driving force behind your life. there are so many other facets to life, which you should enjoy to the fullest and take the time to appreciate, aside from clothes and designers. the following are the four tips i found to be the most valuable and even, thought-inspiring. 

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