Saturday, June 25, 2011


on a recent trip to toronto, i discovered UK based cosmetic company, lush. perhaps you already know about the brand, but this was my first time hearing of it, even though their stores are pretty widespread throughout the US. upon entering a store, you become overwhelmed by the scents of their fresh handmade products, many of which look good enough to eat. i love how the company works to be ethical and environmentally friendly, while providing their customers with quality products and service. when i went in, the sales people were very friendly and didn't pressure me to buy anything. i'm tempted to go back to one of their stores and try out more of their products. they are a bit pricey, but i think some are still within reasonable price range for the quality they offer. below are a few i found interesting and a few i want for myself:
dirty toothy tabs (solid toothpaste) - $4 for 0.3oz
ocean salt facial cleanser - $19 for 4.2oz

h'suan wen hua hair moisturizer - $19 for 7.9oz

sexy peal soap - $6 for 3.5oz

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Michelle Lee said...

i want to try beautiful soaps and moisturizers like these :) lush products are awesome arent they?