Tuesday, June 28, 2011


as a college student, i have been subjected to the typical college dorm room furniture sold at targets and walmarts around the country, that is ever so comfortable, ie: sphere chairs {see below}. thus, one of the things i'll miss the most about living in my college apartment is the sphere chair my roommate has. this chair essentially engulfs you as a nest would, but in chair form. nearly any way i sit/slouch/lie in this chair is comfortable.

still, once i have an apartment of my own, i don't want to furnish it to look like a college dorm room. the "grown up" versions of these chairs are papasan chairs, which typically, also are not very modern looking. 

old-fashioned but comfortable or comfortable chic?

luckily, there are more modern looking papasans, as well as the traditional ones which apparently, can also be tied into a modern decor. do you know of any grown up, modern substitutes to the sphere chair? 
the papasan on the left doesn't look too out of place in this modernly dressed room
Brookstone oval papasan chair - $150

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